Naked Leader

Naked Relaxation

Relax and Let Positivity Wash Over You - Life has never been so hectic, so stressful. Just when we realise we need to slow down, we speed up.  Every day we are bombarded with e-mails, phone call and the demands of our families and life.

This CD will relax you at a deeper level than you have ever relaxed before. It will release you from your worries, and it will re-energise you, leaving you fulfilled and new levels of personal power.

‘Really works – sometimes I don’t realise what happened but I always feels amazing and reenergised.’

Track 1. Full 36.39
Track 2. Fast Track 24.07
Track 3. Music Only 10.26

This audio should not be used while driving or operating any machinery.

A download version is available from here...