Naked Leader

Formula for Guaranteed Success Puzzle

Team Workshop Tool - 100 piece FGS jigsaw puzzle  

A great team activity/ ice breaker getting the team focused and working together. Whilst also taking on board The Naked Leader Formula For Guaranteed Success, which works for anything you or your organisation want to achieve.


Use your imagination in involving the puzzle as part of a successful team day and take ideas from our how to sheet - HERE

We used the puzzle to great success at our 2014 leadership conference - HERE 

“I used the jigsaw as a post-lunch energy motivator with a small team on a strategy away-day.  It got people on their feet and interacting which created the mind-set for the afternoon session.  We had a quick debrief on how the team naturally operated when faced with the unknown.  I used to as a lead in to the conversation about attributes that make a team work together successfully and we summarised the strengths of the team in the room.” 

Michele Birtles

HR Consultant