Naked Leader

Boost Your Self Esteem (MP3)


Grow in Confidence While You Relax - The Power is Within You – The Power of You.
David Taylor personally invites you to increase your self confidence and boost your inner self esteem.

A healthy self image is essential to our wellbeing. It aids a balanced approach on life and offers you a more positive outlook.

As part of the Naked Leader You series David brings you this audio to help release your self-belief. Through listening to this audio in a state of relaxation you’ll find the courage to rediscover your self esteem.  Your new found confidence will help you to become more successful in your personal and working life. It will open you to new directions and opportunities that in the past might have slipped through your fingers

‘This week I’ve got myself 2 new clients and feeling so positive and upbeat. I’m confident enough to take the world on – Thank you.’

This audio should not be used while driving or operating any machinery.