Naked Leader

The Naked Leader


Business Leadership In Nuggets – the original and bestselling book. David Taylor, one of Europe’s most sought after speakers on leadership and personal growth, outlines an approach to leadership that clears away the hype and applies the most powerful, proven tools and techniques to real life without any inherent mystery or complexity. “Why naked? Because it’s time to strip away the hype, the jargon and complexity that surrounds success. It’s time for profound simplicity”. Imagine if you simply could not fail…

Warning - this book will set you free!

‘David's is a refreshing message. With his unique journey style, you are not sure at first whether to 'go with the flow' or break his 'rules'. David says it doesn't matter and having read a few journeys, I can honestly say I agree with him. Will you? Only one way to find out! The truth has perhaps never been as stark as it is in this book. Not since my first dip into the Celestine Prophecy has a books had such a profound...’.

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