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Pass That Exam


Ready Your Mind and Your Nerves  - Taking exams strikes fear into even the bravest of hearts. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could confidently take that test feeling calm and thinking clearly?

David invites you to listen to Pass that Exam – part of the highly regarded Naked Leader You series.

By regularly listening to this audio it will help you achieve your full potential in any test.  Start listening while you are studying – before revision, as you can only retrieve what has been stored. Pass that Exam will help you study, revise and recall information while staying calm during the examination period. Whether you’re getting ready for exams at school or college or at work – or even about to take your driving test – listen to this audio.  It will make all the difference!

‘I could hear the words of calm as I was in the exam, as a result able to recall what the CD had also helped me retain – more importantly – this time I passed!.’

This audio is an aid to studying and sitting exams.

It should not be used while driving or operating any machinery.

Track 1. Full 36.39
Track 2. Fast Track 24.07
Track 3. Music Only 10.26

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